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​FROM DUST debuted at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Gilly is hiding. No one is looking for him. It's New Year's Eve, a wood fire glows in the corner of the cabin, two Bakewell tarts wait on the table, an old VHS is whirring in the background. Three miles down the gravel track, Jessie's knackered Renault Clio has finally given up on him, and it's snowing… a lot. Gaelic folklore collides with the 21st century in an adventure told through light and shadow. A fable about new beginnings, lost love and howling into the big beyond. The legend of the Ghillie Dhu and the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf are fused and adapted into a modern day parable. ​

Directed by David Thackeray

Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Co-created with Sullivan Beau Brown

Composed by George Jennings

★★★★ "Gorgeously narrated by the brilliant writer and storyteller Casey Jay Andrews, the piece is magic… No one does storytelling like Lion House” (West End Wilma)    ​

★★★★ "A deeply vivid & captivating play” (British Theatre Guide)​

★★★★ "A marvel for the imagination” (Edinburgh Guide)​

★★★★ “Bursting with poignancy, tenderness & humanity… utterly enchanting” (The 730 Review)

★★★★ “An incredibly moving story of a lost love” (The Voice Mag UK)​

★★★★ "A precious moment of Theatre” (Broadway Baby)

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