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 ★★★★½ Collage Adelaide ★★★★½ Kryztoff Raw   ★★★★ Great Scott

ARTWORK Night Creature Adelaide.jpg

NIGHT CREATURE debuted at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe and toured the UK later that year.

There is a cliff face cutting into the waves and breaking them to foam. An old Kayak is tied to the roof of a battered black Jeep. A white wine spritzer sits unattended on the doorstep. Sid watches her reflection on the surface of the water, with each ripple it changes. Sometimes she finds a beautiful creature looking back. Sometimes she finds a spitting snarling girl, tense with rage and sick with anger. NIGHT CREATURE is the retelling of an ancient Greek myth about a pretty nymph turned monster; a story about losing yourself to the dark blue sea. Folklore and legend collide with 21st century characters as the myth of Scylla comes to life through poetry, storytelling and live music. You didn't make this monster. It was already here.


Directed by Mark Hooper

Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Composed by George Jennings


★★★★ 1/2 

“Casey Jay Andrews is mesmerisingly skillful… Andrews ignites our imaginations with her voices and poems” 

(Collage Adelaide)

★★★★ 1/2 

“Poetic storytelling with humour and warmth” 

(Kryztoff Raw Magazine)


“Andrews boldly reinvents the mythological tale… Night Creature is an inventive and refreshing take on an obscure Grecian myth that expresses the best aspects of retextualisation. It builds upon the original text in creative ways, replaces its more antiquated ideas, and still provides a charmingly fantastic story to enjoy” 

(Great Scott)

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