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Commissioned for the York Theatre Royal Take Over Festival

and the National Railway Museum.

Transferred to The Arts Theatre West End "Above The Arts" June 2016

Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Original Production Directed by Steve McCourt 

Transfer Directed by Samuel Lane

Produced by HookHitch Theatre & York Theatre Royal

"Thus, at Mugby Junction, at past three o’clock of a tempestuous morning, the traveller went where the weather drove him"


The platform is still.

A steam engine rumbles into the station and rolls to a halt. 

When we feel we have lost a part of ourselves, where do we go to find it? 
The Gentleman for Nowhere is based on Charles Dickens’ railway themed anthology: Mugby Junction.

It is a story about escape which asks whether we can out-run sadness.

“Be what you like”
“Some people sir, are sometimes what they don’t like”
“Nobody knows that better than I do. I have been what I don’t like, all my life.”

"HOOKHITCH Theatre take over two unconventional performance spaces for their brace of 20-minute shows at the National Railway Museum in York. The Gentleman For Nowhere, is an immersive theatre piece specially commissioned for York Theatre Royal's 2015 TakeOver Festival, based on Charles Dickens's mysterious Victorian work Mugby Junction, an anthology of railway-themed short stories. HookHitch writer Casey Jay Andrews looks forward to presenting these immersive shows "There's something exciting about how direct the relationship between the actor and the audience can be in this intimate setting," she says "they become a part of the story".

Mugby Junction's progression from Dickens' short stories to an NRM buffet-car drama takes the HookHitch form of a story of escape. "We focus in on the question of whether you can out run sadness," says Casey. "will Jackson have to face his demons to finally banish them from his life?"

(York Press) 

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