Featured in The Guardian recommended shows of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

SELL OUT SHOW Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019


THE WILD UNFEELING WORLD is an incredibly unreliable retelling of Moby Dick. A surreal and lyrical journey of bad luck, reckless choices and irrational hope.


It is a suburban fable about being on the brink of self-destruction: about the times when we leap, where sometimes we soar and sometimes we drown.

This tender, furious and fragile reimagining of the epic story relocates the journey of the infamous whale to the journey of a young woman on the edge of her life falling apart. It tackles the difficulties of what do we do when we cast ourselves as the villain in our own narrative.

Directed by Steve McCourt 

Writer Casey Jay Andrews

Music by George Jennings


“Funny, and sad, and deeply human, this stands out for the elegance of its writing and the depth of its emotional journey… It’s a story about seeing the world turn against you and being honest enough to acknowledge that it’s partly your fault. It’s about the danger of seeing the world in black and white, the importance of small acts of kindness, and how sometimes it’s okay to admit that some things are just too big to wrestle with” (The Scotsman)

★★★★ The Scotsman

★★★★ The Independent  

★★★★★ Within Her Words

★★★★ British Theatre Guide 

★★★★ Wee Review

★★★★ Broadway Baby 

“MUST-SEE SHOW” Fringe Review 



Featured in The Scotsman’s “Top 10 Returning Shows of the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe”

Featured in The Scotsman’s “10 MUST-SEE THEATRE SHOWS” of the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Featured in The Scotsman’s “Top 4 Shows To See in Under an Hour”

CRITIC’S CHOICE The National Scot

Sell-Out Show Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 & 2019

The Archive of Educated Hearts is crafted from true stories of families facing breast cancer.
It is a show about living without regrets, cherishing the people you care about, and making space for both joy and grief. It is told through a mixture of autobiographical storytelling, verbatim interviews, and a sprawling photo album chronicling the lives of four women.

Scrawled diary entries, answer-phone messages blinking on an old landline, a shoebox of postcards & cassette tapes winding stories across years & continents. It is a unique and intimate storytelling installation containing the remarkable moments that make up a lifetime; fragments of absolute joy & incomprehensible heartbreak punctuate stories of kindness & courage.

Written & performed by Casey Jay Andrews

Music by George Jennings

Voice over: Michael Cochrane 

With special thanks to: Emma Cairns, Auriole Wells, Karen Baker (my Aunt) and Dorothy Washer (my Nan) who all contributed their personal stories to create the show. 

★★★★ “Her writing is so thoughtful and delicate… a show which is full of light, celebrating the rarest qualities of being human” THE SCOTSMAN

★★★★★ “A narrative masterpiece with a philosophical focus” FRINGE BISCUIT

★★★★★ “Powerful Theatre… an intimate, raw performance that is etched with love” EVENTALAIDE

★★★★★ TULPA


★★★★★  “Andrews is open and genuine, it is impossible not to like her… She unravels a world, or, her world rather, and draws the audience in so deeply that you will find yourself thinking of the people in her story as your own people too” WITHIN HER WORDS

★★★★ “A show of quiet, fragile magic... [Andrews is] a disarmingly informal performer... Blending personal storytelling with philosophical reflections on the need for human kindness” THE LIST

★★★★★ Within Her Words

★★★★★ Broadway Baby

★★★★★ British Theatre Guide

★★★★ “A profound place of vulnerability... completely enchanting” EDINBURGH GUIDE

★★★★ “Each centimetre is marked by the labour of love” ED FEST MAG

★★★★ “A unique experience that leaves one both heartbroken & incredibly privileged to have taken part” THREE WEEKS

★★★★ “Eliciting giggles as well as tears through poetic language and relaxed delivery” SPY IN THE STALLS


Alongside this project I am working in partnership with Worldwide Breast Cancer and Coppafeel! to raise awareness of everything there is to know about breast self-examination. The goal is to empower people with the information they need to help catch breast cancer early. Using the private space of the Archive I run the #KnowYourLemons booth, created in collaboration with Worldwide Breast Cancer: it is a free non-ticketed invitation for any member of the public to have a private space to be led step-by-step through a breast examination by a custom created voiceover from Worldwide Breast Cancer.

The Archive will also be supporting the "Emma Cairns Bursary", a bursary scheme providing students facing financial difficulties a place on the Ufton Drama Summer School, where Emma taught between 1996 - 2016. This summer school is at the heart of why I began writing and making theatre, and I couldn't imagine a more fitting way to thank Emma for being a part of "The Archive". Reflecting the core ethos of the Summer School and mirroring some of Emma's most admirable qualities, of integrity, honesty and fairness, the bursaries are available for any students who feel that they are unable to meet the cost of a course and who require some financial assistance. Alumni include: Josh O'Connor (God's Own Country, The Durrels, Florence Foster Jenkins, The Crown, Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders, Riot Club), Jessica Swale (Nell Gwynn, Blue Stockings, Thomas Tallis, The Secret Garden), David Colbourn (Sherlock, Doctors), Nicola Cutcher (Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad, Panorama, News Night, Dumbshow Theatre)... and me! 


Debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 followed by a UK Tour

The stars are empty, the moon has fallen from the sky and the mountains are full of monsters. Barri collects newspaper clippings and listens to vinyl in her grandmother’s attic. Sam is trying to outrun a community support officer investigating the murder of several domestic badgers. Weaved from Korean folklore and fable EVERY WILD BEAST tells a tale about courage, curiosity and running away from really big scary things. This is not a love story, this is an adventure.

Directed by Steve McCourt and Mark Hooper

Writer & Assistant Director Casey Jay Andrews

Co-created with Sullivan Beau Brown


"One of the first true gems of this year's EdFringe... I'll be keeping an eye on Lion House from now on, as great things have come from them, and more will undoubtedly follow... A play that truly should not be missed" (British Theatre Guide)​


"Every Wild Beast is enchanting. The tale of a girl and a boy who in unlikely circumstances, find each other and go on a wonderful journey... Phenomenal" (West End Wilma​)


"A dark, uplifting & poignant gem, Every Wild Beast is a uniquely intimate theatre experience that is not to be missed" (Fringe Biscuit​)


"This is a wonderfully intimate, thought-provoking show... What do we have to do to matter in a complicated world? Is there such a thing as fate? Every Wild Beast does what folklore does best - try to make sense of a human existence that can seem random. The beast Barri and Sam pursue is any fear you want it to be. The magic water they seek is the solution to all our problems, sometimes feeling so near, but not quite within reach, or not quite real. Folk tales have been reimagined here, reminding us that we too are folk about whom tales can be told: around campfires or television sets, in theatres or in attics." (Broadway Baby)


Debuted at the Adelaide Fringe 2017 followed by a UK Tour

There is a cliff face cutting into the waves and breaking them to foam. An old Kayak is tied to the roof of a battered black Jeep. A white wine spritzer sits unattended on the doorstep. Sid watches her reflection on the surface of the water, with each ripple it changes. Sometimes she finds a beautiful creature looking back. Sometimes she finds a spitting snarling girl, tense with rage and sick with anger. NIGHT CREATURE is the retelling of an ancient Greek myth about a pretty nymph turned monster; a story about losing yourself to the dark blue sea. Folklore and legend collide with 21st century characters as the myth of Scylla comes to life through poetry, storytelling and live music. You didn't make this monster. It was already here.


Directed by Mark Hooper

Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Composed by George Jennings


★★★★ 1/2 “Casey Jay Andrews is mesmerisingly skillful… Andrews ignites our imaginations with her voices and poems” (Collage Adelaide)

★★★★ 1/2 “Poetic storytelling with humour and warmth” (Kryztoff Raw Magazine)

★★★★ “Andrews boldly reinvents the mythological tale… Night Creature is an inventive and refreshing take on an obscure Grecian myth that expresses the best aspects of retextualisation. It builds upon the original text in creative ways, replaces its more antiquated ideas, and still provides a charmingly fantastic story to enjoy” (Great Scott)


Debuted at Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017

Gilly is hiding. No one is looking for him. It's New Year's Eve, a wood fire glows in the corner of the cabin, two Bakewell tarts wait on the table, an old VHS is whirring in the background. Three miles down the gravel track, Jessie's knackered Renault Clio has finally given up on him, and it's snowing… a lot. Gaelic folklore collides with the 21st century in an adventure told through light and shadow. A fable about new beginnings, lost love and howling into the big beyond. The legend of the Ghillie Dhu and the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf are fused and adapted into a modern day parable. ​

Directed by David Thackeray

Writer & Assistant Director Casey Jay Andrews

Co-created with Sullivan Beau Brown

Composed by George Jennings

★★★★ "Gorgeously narrated by the brilliant writer and storyteller Casey Jay Andrews, the piece is magic… No one does storytelling like Lion House” (West End Wilma)    ​

★★★★ "A deeply vivid & captivating play” (British Theatre Guide)​

★★★★ "A marvel for the imagination” (Edinburgh Guide)​

★★★★ “Bursting with poignancy, tenderness & humanity… utterly enchanting” (The 730 Review)

★★★★ “An incredibly moving story of a lost love” (The Voice Mag UK)​

★★★★ "A precious moment of Theatre” (Broadway Baby)


Shortlisted for the 2013 Musical Theatre Network Awards & NSDF Award

A First World War story exploring what it is to be on the cusp of adulthood. Inspired by the enchanting poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses.

Written by Casey Jay Andrews & Nathan Foad
Composed by George Jennings

Debuted at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Further productions: UK Tour (2014), The Brockley Jack (2016), The Arts Theatre West End (2016)

Original production directed by Casey Jay Andrews, Laura Trundle & the ensemble

2016 remounts directed by David Thackeray

"George Jennings composes whimsical, enchanting songs that soar and glide, blending effortlessly with the eloquent and artistic script by Casey Jay Andrews and Nathan Foad... It would come as no surprise if these innovative artists were a big part of theatre’s future" (A Younger Theatre)

★★★★★ “A triumph of originality… Enchanting at every turn” (ThreeWeeks ‘Editor’s Pick’)

★★★★★ “Simple yet striking” (The Saint)

★★★★ (The Scotsman)

★★★★ (Broadway Baby)

★★★★ (Fourth Wall Magazine)

★★★★ (TV Bomb)


Debuted at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe followed by a UK Tour (The Egg - Theatre Royal Bath, Theatre by the Lake, MAC Birmingham, South Hill Park Arts Centre & others)

A Beatrix Potter biopic that charts the loves, losses, struggles and triumphs of one of the most celebrated authors in children’s literature. 

Written by Casey Jay Andrews

Composed by Laura Trundle & Dominic Sewell

Directed by Leonie Marzecki

★★★★ “A beautifully structured piece… Very accomplished theatre-making” (The Scotsman) 

★★★★ “A huge amount of heart and charm” (The Stage)                                                                            

★★★★ (British Theatre Guide)

★★★★ (The List)

★★★★ (The Theatre Guide)

★★★★ (ThePublicReviews)


Shortlisted for the 2014 Underbelly Ideastap Award, the NSDF Award and the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund

Mildred is suddenly thrown out of her hum-drum TV screen routine and thrust into the heart of an Arctic adventure. She is sent on an impossible mission to the Midnight City, but her journey drastically changes course, and with only a polar bear for company, she faces the challenge of a lifetime. A family show that strives for young audiences to engage with the themes of self-worth, equality and friendship.

Awarded a commendation for design by the NSDF Award

Written by Casey Jay Andrews & Nathan Foad

Composed by Laura Trundle & Dominic Sewell

Directed by Laura Trundle & Casey Jay Andrews

Design by Casey Jay Andrews

Debuted at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe & Pleasance Theatre Islington  

★★★★ Warm, sweet, dreamlike” (ThreeWeeks)

★★★★ A wonderful whimsical adventure” (Fringe Biscuit)


Shortlisted for the 2014 DramaUK Scottish Daily Mail Award

A 1940's New York Hotel spirals through a storm of media speculation following the 8th storey suicide leap of a desperate young woman. The Despondent Divorcée is inspired by the lyrical poetry of Sara Teasdale, and the infamous 1942 photograph of the same name by I. Russell Sorgi.


By Casey Jay Andrews & Nathan Foad

Composed by Laura Trundle & Dominic Sewell

Directed by Laura Trundle & Casey Jay Andrews

Debuted at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

★★★★★ “Masterful storytelling” (Fringe Biscuit)

★★★★ “Edinburgh Festival Fringe favourites” (The Stage)

★★★★ (Edinburgh Spotlight)

★★★★ (Fringe Guru)


Published 2016, first performed: “Off The Block” 2014

Reading Between the Lines Theatre Co: play script

A group of scout leaders face an uprising at their annual Cub Camp following a hostage situation involving a Beaver and a raft-race protest. 

Directed by Donnacadh O'Briain

Available on Amazon


WINNER: Find a Reading Writer

Published 2016, first performed: “Off The Block” 2014 

Reading Between the Lines Theatre Co: play script

All is fair in love and war when a honeymooning couple get caught at the airport check-in desk as an old school "friend" recognises them.

Available on Amazon

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