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Reviews and further detail about individual shows can be found here




I am a driven & experienced freelance theatre maker and director. I have worked with a variety of companies and arts institutions in multi-disciplinary roles that have required flexibility, problem solving and excellent communication skills. I am Artistic Director of my own companies: HookHitch Theatre and Lion House Theatre. HookHitch focuses on highly physical ensemble led family theatre & music; Lion House integrates contemporary scripts with visual art and design installations.

My intention as a Director is to facilitate an open ensemble led creative process where artists are afforded a judgement free environment where they are able to offer their full creative input physically, emotionally and intellectually. I am keenly interested in nurturing a process where artists feel free to take risks, look silly, and laugh in order to find the creative solutions necessary for the work; I believe that fun lighthearted exploration nurtures a healthy team morale, and more often than not creates the most rewarding artistic discoveries.

As a theatre maker and actor I have a clear understanding of the practical challenges faced in theatres, rehearsal rooms and festivals, so I am well equipped to understand, empathise and problem solve with artists (as I have more than likely encountered the same problems myself somewhere along the way!).

I have a strong background in visual art and design - skills that I have transferred into my practice as both a director and producer. As a director this has afforded me the skillset to pull together the visual aspects of a show in an effort to form seamless links between text, style and aesthetic. As a producer I have used this skill for marketing for theatre festivals and national touring; having these design skills has allowed me to focus on creating a cohesive visual identity across all aspects of a project’s media presence and marketing.




The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society & British Council Emerging Producers Development Programme

In 2014 I was selected for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s official emerging producers’ development scheme supported by the British Council. The programme offered me mentorship, training, networking opportunities and career development as an independent UK theatre director and producer.


South Hill Park Arts Centre Associate Artist 2013 - Present

I was appointed as an associate artist of South Hill Park Arts Centre and have been supported in producing new work for the Park and beyond. I have also been employed by South Hill Park on a freelance basis as a director on mid to large scale in house productions (Yellow Moon 2011, Blood Brothers 2014, Sweeney Todd 2015) and as part of their Creative Learning Team where I have been involved in a number of outreach programmes for deprived young people.


The Arts Centre Hounslow Associate Artist 2015 – Present

I was appointed as an associate artist of The Arts Centre Hounslow and they have offered support in kind to my company Lion House Theatre by way of space and artist development. I have been employed by Hounslow as a freelance director (Aladdin 2015) and commissioned by them to create various scripts (The Teddy Bears’ Picnic) and outdoor performances (The Story Trail 2016, The Owl and the Pussycat 2018).


G Live HQ Theatres Young Producers’ Scheme 2011 - 2014

I was part of G Live & HQ Theatres development scheme for emerging producers in arts industries. They provided practical experience in project management and marketing from the initial stages of projects through to their completion. This widened my producing experience, which up to this point had been exclusively in theatre. During my time in the scheme I produced arts fairs, charity events, concerts, children’s festivals & career development events.



Reviews and further detail about individual shows can be found here

The Archive of Educated Hearts (2018)

Director – Lion House Theatre

Debuting - Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe August 2018

The Owl and the Pussycat (2018)

Writer & Director – HookHitch Theatre

Created in association with The Arts Centre Hounslow and Wokingham Council

From Dust (2017)

Writer & Assistant Director – Lion House Theatre

Peter and the Starcatcher (2016) Further information here

Puppetry Consultant - Theatre Royal and Derngate

Responsible for the choreography of puppetry sequences & the development of theatre of objects within the production

Every Wild Beast (2016)

Writer & Assistant Director – Lion House Theatre

Stig of the Dump (2016) Further information here

Puppetry Consultant & Designer - London Contemporary Theatre (UK tour & Arts Theatre West End)

Responsible for the choreography of puppetry sequences & the development of theatre of objects within the production

Season's Meetings (2015)

Director - Grindstone, The Tristan Bates Theatre

Aladdin (2015)

Director – Hounslow Arts Centre

Sweeney Todd (2015)

Co-Director – South Hill Park Arts Centre

Blood Brothers (2014)

Co-Director – South Hill Park Arts Centre

The Institution (2014)

Director - G-Live Guildford

An immersive walk through experience

The Despondent Divorcee (2014)

Writer & Co-Director – HookHitch Theatre

Mildred and the Midnight City (2014)

Writer & Co-Director – HookHitch Theatre

This was the World and I was King (2013)

Writer & Co-Director – HookHitch Theatre

The Turn of the Screw (2012)

Co-Director – HookHitch Theatre

Yellow Moon (2011)

Director – Ugly Duckling Productions and South Hill Park Arts Centre


• Problem solving in Theatre based environments

• Providing a variety of creative solutions; seeking answers, not problems

• Developing and maintaining relationships with theatres & artists

• Working closely with a creative team

• Efficiency, punctuality and calm in high pressure environments

• Art and design (including graphic design)

• Developing brand identity & cohesive marketing plans




Lion House Theatre

Artistic Director 2016 - Present


  • Writer/ Director

  • Overseeing the artistic direction of the company as a whole

  • Overseeing or managing the artistic direction of individual projects

  • Building relationships with creative partners

  • Integrating cross art-form elements to traditional theatrical storytelling

  • Liaising with venues and negotiating contracts

  • Identifying the target demographic and assessing how to reach that audience

  • Creative audience data & feedback collection strategies

  • Graphic Designer 

  • Creating and deploying a comprehensive social media plan

  • Creating online content & managing social media platforms

  • Designing and maintaining the company website

  • Managing budgets

  • Outreach & engagement with communities with less access to theatre

  • Coordinating employment & contracts for any individuals or companies providing services to Lion House

HookHitch Theatre

Artistic Director 2012 – Present


  • Writer/ Director

  • Overseeing the artistic direction of the company

  • Overseeing and ensuring the delivery of individual projects

  • Ensuring the creative and career development of our associate artists and performers

  • Developing audience and identifying the target demographic for each project

  • Pitching to investors and funding/ awarding bodies

  • Creating a clear brand identity for individual projects and the company as a whole

  • Managing social media campaigns on all social media platforms

  • Creating social media content in-keeping with a larger marketing plan

  • Graphic Designer

  • Developing relationships with national venues

  • Inviting industry professionals to performances & developing relationships

  • Managing PR

  • Managing budgets

  • Managing and negotiating contracts for tour bookings

  • Designing and maintaining the company website


Migration Matters Festival

Assistant Producer & Festival Designer


  • Managing social media channels & public outreach ensuring the branding was cohesive and unified across all platforms

  • To identify routes of exposure for the festival and reach communities across Sheffield and beyond

  • Updating and managing web content in a user friendly format

  • Working with the producer to create a clear social media & marketing schedule and ensuring it’s timely execution

  • To find a platform on local broadcast, digital and print media to boost festival exposure across a wide range of public forums.

  • To identify relevant audiences for particular festival events

  • To oversee audience evaluation & and develop creative solutions to collect audience feedback

  • To work with the FOH, technical and creative teams to ensure the smooth day to day running of the festival – including running box office, managing crowds, and ensuring the schedule of events ran on time, as well as day to day practical problem solving

  • Delivering a cohesive and unifying series of physical design elements to dress each venue hosting the festival



The Guildford School of Acting 2011 - 2014

BA (Hons) Acting - First Class Honours

East 15 Acting School 2010 - 2011

Certificate of Higher Education in Theatre Arts – Distinction

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