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The Archive of Educated Hearts

Designer & Writer

Fringe First Award (The Scotsman, 2018)
Best Theatre Award (Adelaide Fringe BankSA Weekly Awards, 2019)
Critic's Choice (National Scot, 2019)
Long-listed for the Old Vic 12 (Writing Category, 2017)

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​THE ARCHIVE OF EDUCATED HEARTS an intimate installation crafted from true stories of families facing breast cancer. It is about the legacies we leave in the lives of the people we love. It is told through recorded interviews and a sprawling photo album chronicling the lives of four women: Emma Cairns, Auriole Wells, Karen Baker and Dorothy Washer.

"Scrawled diary entries, answer-phone messages blinking on an old landline, a shoebox of postcards & cassette tapes winding stories across years & continents. How do you measure the remarkable moments that make up a lifetime? Fragments of pure joy & incomprehensible heartbreak punctuate stories of kindness & courage."

Created by Casey Jay Andrews

With special thanks to: Emma Cairns, Auriole Wells, Karen Baker and Dorothy Washer who all contributed their personal stories to create this show with me.

Music: George Jennings
Voice over: Michael Cochrane

Huge thanks to Meurig Marshall and Alex Harvey Brown for recording the interviews, and Hounslow Arts Centre and The Pleasance Theatre, without whom it simply would not have been possible.

The Archive is dedicated to the memory of Emma Cairns, who never had the chance to see the show, but whose kindness, generosity and love sit firmly at the heart of this story.

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