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Immersive Everywhere

The Great Gatsby

Set Designer: New York, London, Seoul

Director: Alexander Wright
Associate Directors: Amie Burns Walker, Oliver Tilney
Choreographer & Rehearsal Director: Holly Beasley-Garrigan

Designer, New York, London & Seoul: Casey Jay Andrews

Art Director, New York: Shoko Kambara
Lighting Design, New York: Jeff Croiter
Head of Set Decoration & Props, New York: Faye Armon-Troncoso
Costume Design, New York: Vanessa Leuck
Associate Designer, New York: Becky Dee Trevenen
Senior Design Assistants, New York: Anna Wright, Jed Maiden
Lead Graphics: Rose Montgomery
Design Assistants: Madeline Goddard, Adam Crinson

Associate Designer, London: Emily Bestow
Lighting Design, London & Seoul: Rachel Sampley
Costume Design, London: Heledd Rees

"The new set is beautiful... Casey Jay Andrews’ design is full of character, whimsy, and detail, from Gatsby’s luxury library to the Wilsons’ dreary living room and Daisy’s dressing room – which is particularly lovely"

"Casey Jay Andrews dresses the various rooms lavishly: from the titular character's cosy study to the grand ballroom that features a water installation, every nook and cranny holds opulent levels of charm"

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